About Lviv / Facts about Lviv


The first written mention dates back to 1256. 

Population is over 830 thousand people. 

It occupies an area of 171 km2. 

Since 1998 is the UNESCO’s World Heritage. 

It comprises 55% of all Ukrainian cultural attractions and 1.5 million museum artifacts. 

13 official and honorary consulates of foreign countries are here. 

160 thousand students study here. 

60 higher education institutions are situated here. 

Without false modesty Lviv can be proud for being the most "European" city in Ukraine, and sometimes even stepped in front of Europe itself. And first of all, best, greatest, newest, which was written, printed, built, invented, founded - all could be made only in Lviv. 


So, in Lviv: 


Ukraine's first park was founded. 
In the second half of XVI century, the oldest park in Ukraine - Jesuit (now University Park of Ivan Franko) was founded. Four hundred years ago this place was a city field, but later the land passed into private hands. At the end of XVI century rich citizen John Scholz-Volfovich laid park here, spending his 1600 gold coins. Later he married his daughter to Antonio Massari, Ambassador of Republic of Venice in Lviv, and Park passed to his son in law. Massari arranged park with the Italian style. In 1855 Park again became the property of the city, thus becoming one of the oldest municipal parks in Eastern Europe. 



Ukraine’s first book was printed in here. 
1574 - Ivan Fedorov published in Lviv Ukraine's first book - "The Apostle."
Banished from the capital of Moscow state he ran away to Lviv. Here he and not rich Lviv burghers for their own money printed “Acts of the Apostles and the Epistle”. Ukrainian book had large format and high level of artistic design and printing performance. They printed many copies, enough for that time - 1 200 copies. At present time about 100 copies can be found in the largest libraries of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, the United States and other countries.




 Ukraine's first post office was founded in Lviv. 
In 1629, the Italian Roberto Bandinelli launched in Ukraine Ukraine's first urban-mail, which regularly delivered letters to residents from all over Europe. 
Polish King Sigismund the Third granted the privileges to Bandinelli of maintaining a regular royal Post and the title "Royal Postminister”. Every Saturday Lviv citizens could send and receive letters from all over Europe, but that service was incredibly expensive. Paper in those days was very heavy, so sending just six grams of correspondence, such as to Gdansk, amounted to a daily wage of skilled craftsman. 





Ukraine's first brewery was founded in Lviv. 
In 1715th first brewery in Ukraine was founded in Lviv. 
Beer is brewed in Ukraine from ancient times. And the first mention of the plant dates back to 1425. In the second half of the seventeenth century, Count Stanislaw Potocki issued his decree, under which monks- Jesuits settled on lands belonging to him, were advised to build a brewery. So in 1715 at Klepariv first in Ukraine Brewery industrial enterprise was built. Produced under strict quality control of monks- Jesuits, Lviv beer quickly became popular both in the region and in distant lands of Central Europe. 




First university in Ukraine was founded here. 
1661 - the first university in Ukraine - Jesuit Academy was founded. 
Under Hadiach agreement in 1658 between Ukraine and Poland in Ukraine two Orthodox universities (Academies) were supposed to be open. One of them housed in Kyiv, the second was to be opened in Lviv. In these cities could not be higher education institutions of other religion, and therefore, the Jesuit collegium had to be closen. So Jesuits decided to transform it to a university. Decree was signed by King John Casimir in January 20, 1661, and this day is the date the founding of Lviv University. 




First newspaper in Ukraine was printed here
In 1749 in Lviv were published few copies of first in Ukraine newspaper ( «Kurier Lwowski»). 
In 1749 in Lviv were published few copies of first in Ukraine newspaper ( «Kurier Lwowski»), and in 1776 The newspaper Gazette de Leopol »(weekly) - the first regular newspaper in Ukraine. 
In 1811 Ukraine’s oldest newspaper came out which is also the oldest of now existing polish newspapers. It is «Gazeta Lwowska». In 1848 first in the history of Ukrainian language newspaper "Zorya Galytska” (Star of Galicia) was printed. 




First City Theater in Ukraine was opened here.
1776, the first permanent urban theater was opened in Lviv. 
German theater troupe led by Franz Hettrsdorf consisted of actors and singers, chorus and small orchestra. The team undertook to different genres: opera, operetta, comedy, pantomime, ballet. Later theater group housed in a Franciscan monastery (on Theater Street near school number 62 at present time). It was the center of the Lviv theater life until the construction in 1843 of Skarbkivsky theater (now Maria Zankovetska Theater). 





World's first balloon was launched here
1784th Lviv launched the world's first balloon with automatic burner. 
In 1784 in Ukraine launched the world's first balloon with automatic burner for liquid fuels for heating air in the cylinder. It all happened nine months after the flight of the balloon of Monholfye brothers, with straw as fuel! 




First Ukrainian hotel was established here.  
In 1785 First Ukrainian hotel - "Under the Roman Caesar” was established here . 
Around 1785 businessman Johann Preshel built three-stored building (now the Museum of Ethnography on Svobody Avenue) - the first Lviv hotel, called "Under the Roman Caesar". For construction he used bricks. In the early nineteenth century hotel building was considered the most imposing brick building after the city administration. Today, in Lviv it is more popular to rent apartments, but there are also many great hotels too. 




The first monument in Ukraine was established here. 
At the beginning of XVIII century in Ukraine, a monument to the Polish hetman Stanisław Yablonovsky (he was the last defender of the city from Tatars in 1695) was created. 
In the middle of the XIX century monument was moved to its present location near the National Museum on Svobody Avenue, then this central street of the city became known as Hetman Street. In the thirties of XX century monument was moved to the Jesuit church. In 1944, after the Red Army entered the city, monument disappeared. 



First world’s Kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv. 
In 1853 in Lviv, pharmacists Johann Zehom and Ignacy Lukasevich invented first in the world Kerosene (oil) lamp. 
Researchers at the insistence of his chief pharmacist Mikolyasha tried to extract alcohol from the oil, but suddenly invented method of cracking crude oil. Since then, kerosene is commonly used product in the world to make light, which even now, at the beginning of the XXI century is still used by the third of mankind. 




First railway in Ukraine was built here. 
In 1859 the constractuion began. Track from Przemysl to Lviv with length of 97.6 km connected the two sities. In Lviv in October 1861 was completed the construction the station, which had to serve as the future starting center for four directions: from Lviv to Krakow, Chernivtsi, Brody and Pidvolochysk. The first passenger train arrived from Przemysl to Lviv on November 4, 1861 at 14:30. 



The first soccer match in Ukraine was played in Lviv. 
July 14, 1894 in Lviv, the first in the history of Ukrainian football match was held. 
In 1894 in Lviv finished the construction of the stadium made in British style of football field that had 7 000 seats. In July 14, 1894 there was a remarkable event in the history of the Ukrainian Cup - the first football match between teams from Lviv and Krakow. «Gazeta Lwowska» reported that Lviv players played in gymnastic gray trousers and white shirts, and football players of Krakow - in blue trousers and white shirts. Lviv team won.




The first hockey match in Ukraine was played in Lviv. 
Thanks to the efforts of Lviv skating association in 1908 Lviv first started coaching hockey players. At the beginning of 1909, the first in the history of Ukraine hockey match was played. It was played with international rules. Since it started the glorious era of Lviv hockey, later its players defended the colors of different teams.


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